Contact Tapa

by email:

on Facebook:  Tapa Cat Rescue

By mail:

Tapa Cat Rescue

PO Box 272 Superstore Mall, Lower Sackville NS  B4C 2S9

By Phone:

Prefer to speak with us by phone? Please email us with your contact info and we will call you as soon as we can!


3 thoughts on “Contact Tapa

  1. Hi, I need some assistance in regard to an apparently abandoned housecat. He has been here over the last while crying at my door. I would bring him in but I have my son’s two cats and one is not accepting to other cats outside her litter mate. I thought of the basement but as i share it with the downstsirs apartment it is not an option. He is a beautiful tuxedo neutered male. I have been feeding him and asked in the neighbourhood about an owner but no luck. He needs a forever home and it breaks my heart to see him and hear him crying from early in the morning to late at night. What do I do? I have been trying to reach someone but my emails going out seemed to be bouncing back all weekend. Hopefully this is reaching you!

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