Stevie’s Story

Stevie’s Story


We previously posted this as Audrey’s Story… but turns out Audrey is a boy!  So we have changed his name to Stevie (after Stevie Wonder of course)!

Several days ago, Stevie was found crawling out from underneath a deck and did not look to be in very good shape. It was a hot day and he was very hungry and thirsty.

He was taken to our local vet clinic (Bedford Highway Veterinary Hospital) on Aug 27/16 to be   examined. He was covered in huge mats and I can’t imagine how uncomfortable he must have been.  In total, they removed over a pound of mats.


They also examined his cloudy eyes. His left eye has a luxated (displaced) lens but it is not affecting the cornea. The right eye does have a mature cataract. Stevie therefore does not have any vision. His story is a mystery for sure … how long has he been out on his own? Where did he come from? We may never know, although he did have a home at one time since he is already neutered. We are just thankful he isn’t out on his own. My beloved beagle came to me the same way… totally blind and found running at large … but sadly no one was looking for him and no one ever claimed him. He had a fabulous life with our family and we are confident that Stevie can enjoy his remaining years as well.

As for his bloodwork, there is no evidence of diabetes or hyperthyroidism. There was however a slight elevation in the kidney values (urea and creatinine), indicating the beginning of kidney disease. The good news is that it is not severe so he could absolutely have another couple of years or more. He will be started on a kidney diet and kidney supplements. While hard to guess an exact age, the vets are thinking around the 11-12 year range.

Dr. DeYoung kept saying how super sweet Stevie is! (of course we already knew this). We will be posting more updates for sure. We would love to find a fabulous home for Stevie for his remaining years. If anyone would like to chat about the possibility of adopting Stevie, please contact us at

Stevie’s update Sept 17/16!  Here is Stevie now with a new hair cut.  He is out of the kennel now at the rescue and has an area where he can walk around and get some fresh air in the safely enclosed outdoor catio and come inside when he wants to!  He is a sweet boy who loves to purr and cuddle.  For anyone who has a soft spot for blind kitties, Stevie will surely melt your heart!






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