Meet three of our sponsored cats!

Our sincere thanks to some of our monthly donors who are sponsors of some of our beautiful permanent rescues!

WILBUR (sponsored by Sharon W.) has been with our rescue for several years.  He is a sweet, beautiful boy who was so emaciated when he arrived, that he would not survive.  But with vet care and home care, we were able to get him on his feet and he made remarkable progress!

OLIVER (sponsored by Evelyn S.) was sadly returned to our rescue 3 times.  He is a shy boy, but each time he came back to us, he settled immediately.  He is doing fantastic with his many cat friends and is super affectionate!

CASPER (sponsored by Darlene M.) came to us last year after a huge snow storm. He was in rough shape, but quickly bonded to some of our other permanent rescues and made himself right at home!  He is not a candidate for adoption … not because he is FIV+ … but because he doesn’t like to be picked up.  He is super happy with his cat friends, and thanks to sponsorship we were able to keep him permanently.

Check back to meet more of our sponsored rescues!

Would you like to sponsor one of our permanent rescues?  We’ll be posting some of them in the near future.  Feel free to contact us for more information:  Some of our sponsors donate directly through :


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