Casper’s story of survival … and how you can help!

15-009 Casper June2015 (2)

After his neuter ... in a larger dog kennel

After his neuter … in a larger dog kennel

The day he arrived - before being vetted and neutered

The day he arrived – before being vetted and neutered

Casper had been spotted looking for food in a yard, at the start of the winter (January 2015). And then he disappeared just before Nova Scotia’s record breaking amounts of snowfall. On some days there was so much snow that cars were buried and snow was up over doors and windows. Sadly, it was feared that Casper did not survive. But then a miracle happened … and he was spotted again! Somehow he had made it through the winter. His coat was ragged, he was thin and his pitiful cries for food were heartbreaking. Tapa was contacted to ask if there was anything we could do for this boy. Casper was trapped and we transferred him to a nice soft bed in a large dog kennel. Rather than the “wild” response we expected from him, we were so excited when we could actually pet and brush him. The next step was to have him vetted and neutered … and that is where Casper’s next hurdle was discovered … his test for FIV was positive. It is not what we had hoped for, however we are optimistic for his future after reading various current reports on FIV research.

You can see the difference in him already in the middle picture!  He is becoming a bit more brave every day and actually moved from the smaller kennel to the larger one, all by himself:)

Stay tuned for more updates on Casper’s progress.

UPDATE:  THANKS to his rescuer, Darlene M., Casper is now one of our permanent sponsored rescues!


We helped them … thanks to your donations!

Isabella was born outdoors


15-009 Casper June2015 (2)

Casper lived outdoors all winter


Wondering what happens to donations we receive?  Meet two of our most recent rescues who we were able to help thanks to your donations!




Adorable Isabella (Bella) was born outside, and thankfully we were able to find her and get her into our rescue.  We are so excited that she will soon be going to her forever home!  Next we are going to try our very best to get her momma spayed.  She is feral so we have to catch her first!

Sweet Casper somehow managed to survive our harsh winter this year.  She doesn’t know it yet, but has a date to met the veterinarian for a complete health checkup, vaccines, testing and spay/ neuter!