Timmy’s $10 to $1,000 Challenge Continues!

Timmy  March-2012 006

TAPA Cat Rescue Announces

Timmy’s $10 to $1,000

 Fundraising Challenge!


Do you know 10 people??  Would you be willing to help us with our $10 to $1,000 Fundraising Challenge??  It’s quick and easy and can be done from your computer!!!  Here’s how it works …

We are asking 10 people to contact at least 10 people to ask them to donate $10 or more.  With your support we could raise $1,000 or more to help rescued cats and ittens!

Now in our 7th year, Tapa Cat Rescue has helped more than 700 kittens and cats previously living on the streets in HRM.  This year has been our busiest by far, which means more vet bills and more food bills.  We rely on fundraising to help kittens like Timmy – discarded in a park and diagnosed with spina bifida … or cats like Sophia, our senior rescue who was living on someone’s doorstep… she would not have survived the winter.

Can you help us reach our goal of raising $1,000 or more?  Please ask at least 10 people if they would donate $10 or more to help our rescued cats and kittens … and if those 10 people ask 10 more people … that would be fantastic!!!  Post our challenge on your Facebook page or on your bulletin board at work.  Timmy and his rescued friends will be truly grateful! 

Donations can be made through  www.CanadaHelps.org

By email:  tapacatrescue@outlook.com

By mail:  PO Box 212 Stn Central, Halifax NS B3J 2M4

~ Official income tax receipts will be issued for donations of $10 or more ~


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