We would love to help them all if we could…

We are happy to help when we have funds and space to do so. However, despite having helped more than 700 strays in feral cats in the past 7 years, we are one of the many cat rescues in HRM that receives ZERO funding. HRM places no importance on the work that we do, nor does it seem that they care about the many cats who were suffering outside… and the many that are sadly still needing help.

Sadly, as much as we would love to, we simply do not have the funds to help every stray and feral. Tapa Cat Rescue relies on donations and our own fundraising in order to care for our rescues waiting for adoption, and to help others on our waiting list.

For people who find friendly strays, we do recommend that 1) they take a photo of the cat and post a “Found Ad” on Kijiji and also post the photo and information on the Facebook page “Lost and Found Cats in HRM and Nova Scotia”, and 2) if no owner is found, call the SPC and put your name on their waiting list to take the cat.  By all means, feel free to check with us as well to see if we have room and/or funds to help!

I would also encourage every person who has stray or feral cats in their yard or their neighbourhood, to send an email to your local councillor, to find out what HRM will do to help!!!  www.halifax.ca/councillors

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