Update on Dexter’s progress!

Just a week after his neuter and a good cleaning of his legs while sedated, this boy is making amazing progress after being found in the middle of nowhere with no food and no shelter… his legs so badly frostbitten and infected that he could barely walk!! Thanks to his foster mom Gail for the amazing care and TLC she has provided… and to Dr. Mike at Basinview for his incredible care for this boy. He is going for a recheck this evening!!

Dexter’s story

These pictures are hard to look at … and they should be!  This dear, sweet cat was found dumped in the middle of nowhere, left to fend for himself, with no shelter and no food.  I don’t know how this cat ever survived the winter!  The wounds and swelling are a result of severe frostbite … this cat can barely walk.  But thanks to a caring family who found this cat miles away from any homes, this boy will hopefully be feeling better soon.  He was immediately brought to our rescue and this kind family is now fostering him.  Dexter received medical treatment and pain medication and we will be closely monitoring him in the upcoming days and weeks.

In the meantime, Dexter is receiving the love he has likely never known, a warm bed and regular meals.

PLEASE share this post with anyone and everyone and help us to get this message out that disposing of an animal is not acceptable… and it is against the law.  Some people think that cats can fend for themselves no matter where they are dumped.  The lucky ones are found… but many will face a horrific and painful death.  Please never abandon an animal!