Timmy diagnosed with Spina Bifida

Timmy is the newest arrival at Tapa Cat Rescue! This amazing little kitten was found in a park and we were contacted with a request to euthanize. He walked very awkwardly and so the rescuer at first thought he had been injured. The kitten was taken to our vet clinic and surrendered to our rescue. He was then examined and xrayed which showed he had no fractures or broken bones. He did however have incontinence and a very twisted walk. Through all of this… the car rides, the exams and xrays, the kitten purred his heart out. He melted many hearts from that day forward, and the clinic affectionately named him Timmy (Tiny Tim).

Timmy’s next venture was a trip to New Brunswick to be seen by a veterinary neurologist, Dr. Aubrey Webb at the CullenWebb Animal Neurology and Ophthalmology Centre: http://www.cullenwebb.com/

The staff there are wonderful and were so very gentle and kind to Timmy. After a 2-hour exam, Dr. Webb’s diagnosis was Spina Bifida.

We do not know yet what Timmy’s future will be but he quickly wrapped his paws around our heart and we are committed to doing whatever we can to help him. In the meantime we will be looking at fundraising to cover his expenses to date and any medical treatments he may have in the future. Stay tuned for updates on Timmy!!


4 thoughts on “Timmy diagnosed with Spina Bifida

  1. Thank you for bringing this to attention. I do hope something can be done for Timmy so that he’ll have a long happy life. Keeping him in my prayers and will follow.

  2. What a beautiful soul! Many prayers being said for Timmy for a bright future with a very loving family! 🙂

    • Little does Timmy know how many people have read his story and care about him!! He will most likely stay with our rescue since he will have specific needs throughout his life and we are committed to doing whatever we can for him. He is a happy little boy and we hope that by sharing his story, it will help other cats with disabilities to be given a second chance as well.

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