Midnight and Patches have been adopted together!

These beautiful boys are 12-years old and have been well cared for and loved all of their lives. Sadly, their elderly owner passed away several months ago and we really need to find them a permanent new home where they can be well cared for and spoiled for the rest of their lives. They must go together. If you are interested in opening your heart and home to these wonderful boys, we would love to hear from you! Please contact us either by email: tapa@accesswave.ca or by phone: 864-3368 (you can leave a message during the day and calls will be returned after 6pm). Midnight and Patches are currently in foster and we will have to move them very soon. We will require an adoption application which we can either email to you or fill out over the phone! We have reduced their adoption fee to $100 for both (or $50 each)!! They have been neutered, recently vet checked, and all of their medical records over the years will be provided. Patches and Midnight are crossing their paws that they will find their new home very soon. They are truly amazing boys, both with wonderful personalities. They just want to be loved.


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