One of our rescued litters …

Baby kittens rescued Aug 24/11

These kittens were the lucky ones … they and their mom were brought in from outside. The kittens will be adopted and the mom will be spayed. Sadly, many more living outside won’t be so lucky. Shelters and rescues are full beyond capacity and yet we still get calls and emails daily for kittens and cats in desperate need of help! There are however, things that people can do to help.
1) If you live in Halifax Regional Municipality, contact your councillor and MLA to let them know if you have stray cats in your area. As the SPC has recently stated, the numbers of strays and ferals are at a crisis level. We desperately need a solution to this problem and low cost spaying and neutering would make a huge impact in preventing more kittens from being born!
2) Donations or help with fundraising are greatly appreciated. Contact us to see how you can help. Our recent fundraising includes yard sales, flea markets, collecting recycling and selling items on Kijiji. There are lots of creative ways to raise a few dollars!
3) Promote Tapa Cat Rescue or your local shelter or rescue group on your facebook site.
4) Have a business or know someone who does? Contact us for flyers or perhaps we could set up an information table for an hour or two!


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